PROJECT 1 - Helping neglected children in ASEAN country

The lives of children living in extreme poverty in the ASEAN countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines are miserable. Lime Orange helps children who are threatened by this extreme poverty and who have no hope or opportunity for a better life. Through Lime Orange, children grow up with a healthy mind and body, creating a virtuous circle structure that supports other children.


We provide clean and safe homes for the families of children who live in homeless, extremely old, dangerous and unsanitary homes.

2. Vocational training and job placement, start-up support

We support various educational programs for parents and children of extreme families. We also provide small funds and various management support for start-up.

3. Livestock / Crop Support and Livestock / Agricultural Education

Help illiterate families who can not get vocational education, and supports livestock or crop seeds that are appropriate for the local situation, and provides relevant knowledge and skills to enable steady income generation.