PROJECT 4: Improving educational environment

The educational environment and facilities of primary and secondary schools in countryside are exposed to dangerous, underdeveloped and unsanitary conditions for children. In addition, many schools lack sufficient educational materials and equipment, and children are not receiving quality education. Lime Orange runs projects that improve this poor educational environment.

1. Expansion and maintenance of educational facilities

Supports the repair of old and damaged classrooms and fences, painting the facilities. construction of various electrical works and heating and cooling system, For the children to have quality education in a pleasant environment.

2. Build the library and support books

Build the library for the children in the rural areas and support books for them to grow up with healthy mind.

3. Support computers and educational supporting materials

Support computers, electronic blackboards, and other educational equipment for elementary school, junior high school and orphanage in countryside to enable quality learning opportunities.

4. Support athletic facilities and exercise equipment.

Support the athletic equipment and exercise equipment needed for school so that students can exercise freely.