“By 2030, Fashion Star will develop diverse brands and innovative products in the area of fashion. Fashion Star will use its corporate culture to realize the dreams and happiness of employees first, and will use most of the profits to help alienated ASEAN children. Fashion Star will be the most influential and respected company in ASEAN"

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"Our dream is to make the world beautiful through our beautiful product with beautiful culture."

Beautiful culture: A culture of true love for humanity is a personality created in a noble way in the image of the superior.

Beautiful products: Products of good quality made in an ethical work environment that fulfills human desires for beauty and dreams for a better life, and does not exploit the human rights of workers.

Beautiful world: World filled with love and justice, caring for others and sharing with poor and neglected neighbors, and living together happily.


1. Creating beautiful culture

We can not live without culture. However, the culture of this age is dominated by monopoly, anti-humanistic, decadent, poor quality. In this age, the Fashion Star was established to overcome the crisis and to supply the fashion goods with beautiful philosophy along with the truth in the Bible to make the world beautiful.

2. Beautiful product

Fashion Star produces bright and clean contents, fashion products and services that can make people's lives rich and beautiful. We also make the products only with the best quality, reasonable prices, and the best cost to make sure the company can continue to grow.

3. Beautiful people

Beautiful culture and goods come out of beautiful people. Fashion Star is a company of dreams made by beautiful people who devote themselves to honest efforts for innovation, achievement, and self-development in their daily work without hoping any luck.

4. Beautiful atmosphere

Fashion Star do not settle for a given environment. We constantly research and strive to create pleasant working spaces to improve employees' efficiency, and to make a beautiful store for the customers

5. beautiful service

Every employee of Fashion Star considers a customer as a family. We strive to impress our customers with sincerity, rather than with formalized and mechanized manuals. This is because our customers' impressions are back to our happiness.

6. Beautiful organization

We put human's dignity on the top priority. Therefore, we create companies that respect and cooperate with each other, from CEO to new employees. We develop market leading products through continuous research and development and investment, innovative marketing. We provide a variety of education and training system to help our employees to improve

7. Beautiful frontier

The reason why fashion star is going to be the first company is to honestly distribute profit. The first is to distribute profits to the employees who have made efforts to grow the company, to enrich their lives. Second, to share profits with investors who have invested in the company's future, and third, we will share our profits to the customers and the society who made the Fashion Star to exist.


“Realizing dream and happiness through challenge”

Beautiful company with people filled with passion and challenging spirit, learning how to make the dreams come true.

Vivid dream

People who have vivid dream.


People who can all-in for their dreams.

Challenging spirit
(Challenging spirit)

People who overcome their limit and keep challenging.


People who have expertise on their major field.


People who work differently and efficiently.


People who respect others' opinion and listen closely to others.

(Perseverance )

People who endure any hardships and never give up on anything.